How the Low6 gamification suite educated PGA fans to bet with PointsBet

The task

To find an engaging way of converting PGA TOUR fans into first-time PointsBet users

The PGA TOUR and PointsBet extended their three-year relationship, with both parties wanting a free-to-play game to deliver on their goals of growing fan engagement whilst simultaneously teaching an audience that is relatively new to sports betting and converting them into users on their betting platform.

The partnership approached sport gamification leader Low6, tasking them with creating a new Pick’Em game that would be able to educate users on the basics of sports betting, following the changes of betting laws in the United States.

The game would need to be fun as well as educational, as it would need to take a proactive approach in helping players learn more about the likes of American odds and how to make a stake.

Low6 recognised the expanding growth in sports betting products throughout the world of Golf, and devised a plan going forward to produce a new, exciting game for PGA TOUR fans to enjoy whilst teaching users about sports betting.

The answer

Developing a free-to-play Pick’Em game powered by PointsBet that incorporated betting odds

Low6 developed the PGA TOUR Pick ’Em Live game, a free-to-play game that was built into the official PGA TOUR app as well as the TOUR’s website.

Powered by PointsBet, the game offers in-play facilities and allows players to enter the contest at nearly any point of an ongoing tournament. Users make selections on the current competitions including overall winner, group winner and 3-ball markets, with the scoring system tying in directly with live odds.

PGA TOUR Pick ’Em Live offers guaranteed weekly prizes valued up to $5,000 USD, with users able to make their selections once player grouping and tee times are confirmed each week.

Using the player’s picks from the game, players would be sent a personalised offer based on their selections using trigger messaging, which would guide players to the PointsBet site.

The combination of live odds with point scoring would give a better understanding of betting odds to the general audience, therefore bridging a path for players to build a stronger level of confidence with betting markets and take up the opportunity to sign up with PointsBet.

The result

A new younger audience of golf fans, with many engaging with PointsBet offers

The PGA TOUR Pick ’Em Live game has proven to be a hit among golf fans, with tens of thousands of players signing up to make their weekly picks for the upcoming tournaments.

It has seen a respectable number of users return to play as well, with thousands of entries made each week.

While Golf is perceived to appeal to a older audience, the PGA TOUR Pick’Em Live game has engaged a younger demographic. 38% of players are deemed as Generation Z and Millennials, while 34% of players come from the Baby Boomer generation.

The game’s e-mail communications proved to be successful as well, registering a 50% open rate on triggered contest picks e-mails as well as a 35% open rate on mid-contest reminders.

The game has also seen a significant number of players become first-time users with PointsBet, signalling the game’s potential of giving players a stronger understanding of betting markets.

Fans Loving Pick 'Em Live

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I really like this format as you can make adjustments after each round depending on how your picks are doing. It’s fun, it’s free and it doesn’t end after round one.
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Thank you for creating this game! It is a lot of fun!
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Thrilling and nerve-wracking. Can't believe I won the Honda Classic week. I was on the edge of my seat all weekend long. I have never won this much money so absolutely thrilled.
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The game is great so far, I have a lot of playing it. It is a blast and I'm just super thrilled to have won.
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Thank you for making this a fun game that anyone can play and I think it will really take off within the golf community. I love it!
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Keep it up! If I can win anyone can win!
PGA TOUR Pick ’Em Live helps us redefine and elevate the way we interact with PGA TOUR fans. The game not only underscores our commitment to diversifying our portfolio of innovative products for customers, but it also highlights how and where we can reach users.
Eric Foote
Chief Commercial Officer at PointsBet


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